How To Keep Their Love Batteries On Full Charge

It’s been a theory of mine for a long time that children run on rechargeable Love Batteries.

When their Love Batteries are on Full Charge, it’s happy time!

But you know their power supply is slowly dropping when the fussing starts, the whining, the griping, the endless questions, demanding your undivided attention.

And you can tell when their Love Batteries are running dangerously low: they scream, throw a tantrum, or otherwise put on display that they are NOT HAPPY.

I’ll bet you’re seeing these kinds of behaviors more than ever, with all the extra time at home you’re having. By the end of the day, you’re frazzled and exhausted. Amirite?

What’s a stressed-out mom or dad supposed to do with this?

Here’s my best tip: Early in the day, spend up-close time with each child, so that their love battery is FULLY CHARGED. Putting a full supply of love into those batteries gives that child the reassurance that you are available to them, that you care for them, and that you love them very much. Then, with a full heart, off they go to play and learn.

Starting the day with a full charge means they’re able to operate on their own for longer stretches of time. As the days go by, with regular charging-up of their Love Batteries, they grow into being much more confident and independent.

The Alarm: Don’t be surprised when there is a sudden drop to zero of all the stored-up love. This can happen when there’s a boo-boo or a dispute with a sibling, or when they can’t do a thing they’re trying to do. You know their Love Batteries have dropped to empty when The Alarm goes off: you hear wailing and screeching. The Solution? Get back to FULL CHARGE.

The simple truth is that your child MUST know that you love them. There is no shortcut to this: It’s on you as the parent to leave no doubt in your child’s heart that you are There For Them.

Am I asking you to coddle and hover? No, because doing too much for a child that they could do by themselves actually drains strength from them. Godly wisdom will guide you to know how to keep those Love Batteries charged up in order for them to thrive and grow to maturity.

The Bonus: The really awesome thing about this is, while you’re charging up your child’s Love Battery, YOUR Love Battery gets charged up, too. Lap time and face time are for both of you. Savor it, treasure it, delight in it. You are blessed with the opportunity to give AND receive love.