Find the Sweet Spot


I’m endlessly amazed by things that grow: gardens, ideas, animals, businesses, friendships, cities, and most of all, children.
It amazes me that there are unfolding timelines in human growth and development that, with predictable regularity, take place over and over again as each person enters the scene. In this, my heart sees the brilliant plan of our loving Creator pointing to the holiness of life … and so there is worship in every discovery.

Now that I have raised my children, I remain in awe of the process of growing up. I am on a quest to understand more fully what was happening right in front of me all those mothering years, with the goal of clarifying the stages of growth in order to inspire parents to educate and enrich their children’s lives in the most effective ways. And to have the most delight in each moment!

When you can see the windows of developmental opportunity opening up, it’s time to pour on the love and encouragement. Helping you know what to do and when to do it for the children in your life is why I blog about “parenting in the sweet spot”.